Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IKEA Opens in Florida; Mentally Defective Show Up in Droves

I was just watching 7 News and they were interviewing some of these dumbass morons who are CAMPING OUT in front of the store and I cant stop laughing. It might take me 20 minutes to type this because I cant stop laughing, but here's some quotes from some fatass morons who were interviewed. I think the best part is that they are all DEAD SERIOUS.

"They have really unique items. Its just a fun store, I mean, just look at it. Even the outside is different!" (points to a boring ass concrete blue wall with a white trim)

Then they interview the lucky 1st person in line who got there MONDAY MORNING...

"I went to the website, (giggling) and I made a list (laughs hysterically)...of things I might want to buy."

Uh, okay, she went to a website and made a list of some stuff she "might want to buy" and then decided to wait outside for 48 hours to "maybe buy it"? If youre not already either cracking up or scratching your head as to why any human being would behave this way, let it be know that this woman has never been to an IKEA store before. Oh, but she will get a free chair for being one of the 1st 100 customers that she will have to assemble. That might be worth the 2 days of pay she likely squandered by waiting in line.

This final one took the cake for me because the girl was so serious when she said it...

"I guess, like, the whole chair thing really sold us. Like, the whole chair thing and just, like, the whole experience. Like, my grandma said, 'Its a life experience.' and like, she really wanted us to do it. She said, 'I would do it if I could stay there all night.' So..." (shrugs shoulders and nods with a face that either explains, "It was obvious what we had to do" or says "yeah, Im a fuckin nutjob")

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