Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Clemens case proves our government system is broken

I have to say that I watched and listened to the Roger Clemens deposition yesterday and that pretty much proved to me that our government system is broken. I am not a Dem or a Rep, but I must say that the performance by the Republicans yesterday was absolutely pathetic. First off, I think they were all still starstruck from Clemens giving autographs and shaking hands the day before. How that was even allowed to take place is an enigma to me and totally absurd. Lets move on to the hearing though... The guy who, to me, really brought up the most relevant case against Clemens was D-Tierney from Massachusetts. He pointed out inaccuracies in Clemens' testimony from before and his answers yesterday. However, this is where our crappy system came into play. Right as Clemens was on the ropes, BANG! The 5 minutes was up and it was time for some douchebag Republican to start asking silly questions that were the equivalent to a pitcher just lobbing pitches right down the pipe to a batter to hit out of the park. My favorite was the douche from Indiana who called Clemens a "TITAN!!" and then lambasted McNamee for lying in the beginning and basically wasted 5 minutes of everyone's life by pointing out the obvious that McNamee was a scumbag and a liar.

Here's the bottom line. The guy is as guilty as sin. Im not saying this because Im a bitter Red Sox fan because up until this point Ive considered Clemens as the best pitcher of all time. My point is that ever since the OJ murder trial, these athletes and celebrities have learned that as long as you deny, deny, deny, there is hope that eventually the prosecution will get frustrated and slip up, handing you the victory. Unfortunately for Clemens, I dont see this having a rainbow ending. Andy Petitte, his good friend, identified him as saying he took HGH. When the government asks Petitte if McNamee gave him HGH shots, he will say yes because he already has admitted that and its the truth. The same holds true for Chuck Knoblauch. Another person who will say that they were injected by McNamee is Clemens' wife, who was given a shot in Clemens' home, supposedly without him knowing. I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe. You mean to tell me that you are going to allow a man to be in your bedroom with your wife ALONE and that she will openly allow him to give her a HGH shot without you being consulted or even knowing about it?? I dont think so bub. Now there are grumblings about Petitte admitting that he not only did HGH in 2002 but 2004 as well. He said his dad got some from a trainer at his gym. Guess who else works out there? Clemens' son Koby, who is making a push for the big leagues. Hmmm... Makes you wonder if Clemens would allow his screwup and lie to implicate his very own son, doesnt it? Id hate for that to happen. This is why I feel our system needs to change. There should have been an unlimited amount of time for a senator to ask a question and get an answer. One main question each. Then we might be able to figure out the truth which I believe will one day lead to the Rocket being behind bars for perjury.

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