Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ramblin on

Man, its been a long couple of weeks. Seems like I havent been home in awhile, mainly because my condo is in a state of disarray. Actually, I havent been home for a string of more than 2 days in quite some time. Im always torn with the decision of whether or not to get a maid and I think its about time I gave it a shot. I figure the money is worth having more free time to myself. The argument is always that I figure its lazy to have a maid and I should just stay on top of things when Im home. So am I too busy or just lazy? Probably a little of both. Funny thing is that Im lying on the couch drinking a beer and watching TV right now haha. Speaking of TV...

This show Moment of Truth is insane. I cant believe what people will do for a few bucks. Here is a sampling of questions:

Have you ever been paid for sex?

Did you invite anyone to your wedding who you had previously had sex with?

Would you leave your husband for your ex-boyfriend?

Have you ever cheated on your husband?

Funny thing is that the prizes arent worth the trouble in my opinion. You can make $25K easy on Wheel of Fortune without having to destroy your marriage, career, or family.

Spent the past 5 days in my 2nd favorite city in the country - Chicago. It was cold but not dreadfully cold. In fact, I never wore a heavy jacket when I went out at night. I was happy that work was in the city because its usually out by the airport where there is hardly anything to do for fun. I planned to eat well but mainly ended up eating pizza and burgers most of the time, with the exception of the last night when we went for a steak. It was all good though. Met up with some old friends, worked with a new friend, and met someone with the same b-day as me which was funny the way it went down. All in all it was a good time as expected. I just really like the people in Chicago and I always have a good time there.

I dont know if Im going to vote this year and it really all depends on whether or not Obama defeats Hilary. When I woke up this morning, I saw a headline that Hilary had already won the nominee but I guess its still up for grabs. I was confused because I hate politics and dont really follow the whole race thing outside of where each candidate stands on different issues. Strange thing is that I mainly like Obama because of his lack of experience not in spite of it.

Im fired up about a new movie thats coming out that is based on the book, "Bringing Down the House". The story of MIT kids busting Vegas by developing a cunning system to dominate blackjack is an awesome one. In fact, Im going to buy the book to read the story in its entirety (Ive read an abridged version before) for my next road trip. Im a big fan of gambling and the rush you get from it so I imagine this one will be worth reading.

On the flight home today, I was reading the American Way magazine and found out that the Black Crowes just released a new album today which is pretty awesome. Im just hoping its as good as some of their past albums because its been a long time since theyve been together. At least itll be good to hear new Crowes songs again.

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