Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cleaning up this city one business at a time

As I drove to work last week, I noticed this disgrace at a local Miami business:

When I saw it, I was pissed. I called the company's corporate HQ and got the phone number for the Miami branch. I then called and asked to speak with the branch manager but he was out so I left him a voicemail. I told him that the flag outside his business is a disgrace - torn to shreds and filthy - and that he should be ashamed for letting our nation's flag be desecrated in such a way. I finished by adding that he should go to Home Depot and spend $6 on a new flag so he could display something outside his business that he could and should be proud of.

It worked. Pretty quickly too. The next day this business had a brand spankin new flag flying on its pole. It was a rewarding feeling to be responsible for getting that new flag up there. Im proud to be an American.


Steve Owen said...

well done brother.

Pepe said...

Good job! I wish more people would take responsibility like that.