Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blind Mind to be featured on Fox News Dallas tonite at 6pm

Yup, thats right folks. Im scheduled to be on Fox News tonite in a piece about airline travel, airport traffic, and airport shopping. I basically talked about how Ive noticed a slight decline in airport traffic due to the higher ticket prices and Im loving it. Means less lines in security and less idiots in the airport. I also have noticed airlines cutting back on the number of flights which means flights are more full. The reporter also asked if I spend more/less money at the airport. I never buy crap at the airport outside of food/alcohol and most of the time Im in the 1st class lounges anyways. But, I did comment that I read up on how Best Buy is installing kiosks where travelers can buy MP3 players, etc, so clearly someone thinks people are still spending. For the record, I think this is a dumb idea. I just dont see it being profitable.

So, check out Fox 4 News Dallas tonite and you can see me live. A little gift for all of my fans who read this blog and live in Dallas. All zero of you haha.

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