Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shoe Search - need help!

Ok, I had this shoe up for grabs on a site I buy from but they didnt have my size (size 9.5-10 US, 42-43 EU). Ive searched high and low on the internet and have come up with bubkiss. Im hoping someone else out there (most likely a chick who is an internet shopping guru) can find me this goddamn shoe. Here is what I know:

Its from Cole Haan Collection
Its handcrafted in Italy
It has a lizard skin top and calfskin body
I believe it is the Venetian Loafer or Venetian Driving Moccasin
Original price was $498

...and here is a pic to help. If you can find me this shoe, you will be rewarded. BM always takes care of those who take care of him...


Tere said...

This is the kind of challenge I love! First, though, it would help to know where you've already searched, so as not to waste time and energy.

Blind Mind said...

Ok, all I searched was Google using terms like Cole Haan Collection, Venetian, lizard, moccasin, loafer, calf skin, etc. I also was able to get the item number from the site that sold out - 207293.

Suzy said...

Maybe here:

They are nice.

Blind Mind said...

Well, thats a good try Suzy but no cigar. Alas, this shoe has up and vanished like a fart in the wind. I got the correct item number from Cole Haan themselves who informed me it was discontinued and not in any stores anywhere. I used the item code to search Google and found 9 sites with listings but either the links were dead or the stock was gonzo. Im raising the white flag... Thanks to both of you for your help!