Thursday, February 5, 2009

Model Shoots: Another reason I love my job

I work for a company who provides products to a female dominated industry. As a result, when we have new products coming out we need to have new packaging. And what do you need for a package to look attractive? Well, first you need a designer and marketing team that know what the hell theyre doing. Second though, you need a model. So, new products, catalog updates, and packaging updates are always a great time to be in the office because we have a good couple weeks of models parading through the office.

Today we had a tall, beautiful, redhead named Jaime throw her hat into the ring of candidates. From first glance, she was a winner. As soon as she walked by, as with usual model parades, I stick my head out the door to catch the eye of the owner of my company. We have totally different tastes. He likes girls that are a little thicker while I prefer girls that are more petite and thin. Today, we were on the same page. This one was a gem and thankfully she knew what the hell she was doing and didnt have a bad attitude so we're gonna move forward with her.

In a way though, this kinda sucks. The model parades will be over for now. :(

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