Monday, July 6, 2009

iPhone Apps: Current Favorites

I got the iPhone 3G back in December as a bday present to myself and I've been loving it ever since. The signal is great on the AT&T network and that was a major concern of mine. They also keep updating the iPhone software and, though its got my phone stuck in "recovery mode" twice now, the updates really do improve the phone and its functions. My favorite thing about the iPhone is the ability to download all sorts of applications, or "apps" as the hipsters would say. These games and gadgets keep me busy and entertained all day which means a lot considering Im constantly in an airport. With that said, I figured Id share a few of my current favorites.

Tweetdeck - This app got me into the whole Twitter thing again. I never really got Twitter and I still kinda dont. To me, its really no different than a Facebook status update except it's to a different list of people without all the personal info. Either way, its been a good source for catching up on new blog posts and interesting conversations. Its also a free app which is great.

Hero of Sparta - I thought this game looked pretty cool when it first came out on the iPhone but for $9.99, I passed. I knew eventually it would come down in price. Well, my patience paid off last week when I saw it for $0.99. Its a pretty sweet game and uses the touch screen interface to set up a virtual controller and buttons to mash on. Gotta love the Greek myth too. You play the role of a Spartan dude whose ship crashes somewhere, leaving him to hack and slash his way thru monsters and face the wrath of the gods in order to get back home. Its a blatant ripoff of the famous God of War series on the Playstation but it kicks a lot of ass for an iPhone app.

Flight Control - Understanding that I spend a ton of time at the airport, its only natural that I check out a game that puts you in the role of air traffic controller, right? Another one that weighs in at a whopping $0.99, Flight Control is addictive and fun game. The object is to guide aircraft to their respective landing pads and runways. Different aircraft travel at different speeds ranging from the super slow chopper to the lightning fast fighter jet. Keeping these things guided to their landing zones while trying to make sure none of them crash into each other really gets chaotic as you begin to land more and more. One crash and its time to start all over. Again, addictive and fun albeit frustratingly so haha.
Paper Toss - Its true. Im one of those guys that likes to try and shoot just about any object into any type of receptacle. Tossing crumpled up pieces of paper into the bin at the office has always been fun but these days we need to focus on recycling and not being wasteful so I've found a more eco-friendly alternative in Paper Toss. The object of the game is to flick the screen in order to toss your crumpled ball of paper into the bin. Seems easy but there is also a fan that blows from one side to the other at varying speeds for each toss, so you need to adjust for the wind. Another addictive, fun, and incredibly frustrating game. Has kept me entertained for hours so far, even got me to laugh at myself when I said, "oh that's bullshit!" after a shot rimmed out haha. Oh, did I mention its free too?

So, there you have it. If you have the iPhone, I recommend these apps for fun and function. I have a bunch more but I'll save those for another time. Enjoy!

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