Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Hurts Every Sunday

Ever make a bad decision that haunts you for a long time afterward?  Well, I have.  Back in week 9 of the NFL season, I traded Brandon Marshall off of my fantasy football team for Steve Slaton.  Since then, Slaton has served as backup running back, become injured, and labeled out for the season.  Marshall, on the other hand, has gone nuts scoring touchdowns and just broke an NFL record today with 21 catches.  I lost 2 matchups as a result, games I would've won had I not made that trade.  I may lose this week because of it too.  I'd also be in 1st place in my league which awards about $3500 for the 1st place finisher at the end of the season.  Now I'll be lucky to break even with a 4th place finish.  I'm reminded of this every fucking Sunday.  For this reason and this reason alone, I really cant wait for the NFL regular season to be over with. 

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