Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out and about in the Grove

Met up with some friends at Greenstreet this morning for brunch. I love the breakfast dishes at this place. Im always good for the scrambled eggs w/ cheese, side of bacon (of course), homefries, and wheat toast. I love their raspberry iced tea too. THe homefries today were some kind of awesome. I got lots of little crispy grilled onion bits mixed in with the potatoes which made me wanna high five someone so I did. Miami Heat guard Chris Quinn showed up with his wife to eat. As I passed Le Petit Paris on my way home I saw Philadelphia '76ers coach Maurice Cheeks having lunch with his wife. I met Maurice at George's in the Grove one time so I said hi and was surprised that he remembered meeting me. Nice guy. Owns a flat at the Lofts at Mayfair I believe. Big fan of the Grove. The Heat played Philly last night in Philly so I guess they took a flight out after the game.

Lots of sportscars and a few custom choppers out on the streets today too. The sun has been peaking out but its cloudy overall. We've had a lot of these days lately where it looks like it might rain then doesnt. I kinda wish it would just to get it over with already. Gotta love the jeans and t-shirt weather though.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I need a remedy for what is ailin' me

After a stressful day and considering the current economic climate, this song pretty much sums it up for me. These guys kick major ass unplugged and live. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Model Shoots: Another reason I love my job

I work for a company who provides products to a female dominated industry. As a result, when we have new products coming out we need to have new packaging. And what do you need for a package to look attractive? Well, first you need a designer and marketing team that know what the hell theyre doing. Second though, you need a model. So, new products, catalog updates, and packaging updates are always a great time to be in the office because we have a good couple weeks of models parading through the office.

Today we had a tall, beautiful, redhead named Jaime throw her hat into the ring of candidates. From first glance, she was a winner. As soon as she walked by, as with usual model parades, I stick my head out the door to catch the eye of the owner of my company. We have totally different tastes. He likes girls that are a little thicker while I prefer girls that are more petite and thin. Today, we were on the same page. This one was a gem and thankfully she knew what the hell she was doing and didnt have a bad attitude so we're gonna move forward with her.

In a way though, this kinda sucks. The model parades will be over for now. :(