Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Each year around this time when I notch another year of existence under my belt, I like to stop and think about the past year, what I've accomplished, what I've learned, and what direction to take to progress forward.  This year was a tough one for me both personally and professionally.  It seemed like every time I got a little momentum going in my favor, I was knocked down to the ground and forced to start over.  Ok, that's pretty normal.  Life is a rollercoaster, after all, and my goal has always been to revel in the anxiety of the ups and joyfully scream like hell while going down.  I guess this year I just got more motion sickness than usual and ended up puking my brains out a few times. It happens, I suppose.

At the same time, I also think that I shared more of myself than I ever have before in life and I'm pretty happy about that.  Socially, you would never know it but there are a lot of things that I hide or am shy about.  I can't really explain why, it's just the way I am.  I've had a blog for over 3 years now and if you aren't a member of the South Florida blogosphere or don't happen to stumble upon it, you would never know.  Many of my friends and pretty much all of my family have no idea that I write on this blog or my food blog.  Why?  Again, I have no idea.  I guess I never think to share.

Well, I'm making it a goal for 2010 to share more of myself.  I've already shown my food blog to my family and they were really surprised.  My mom started telling all her friends and all that shit too haha.  Yup, share more and accomplish more are my goals for 2010.  I have some big plans for this year, some I hope to share with everyone as things come to light.

Wishing all the best in 2010 to all who read my blogs, share blogs of their own, and comment in the SoFL blogosphere.  May this be your year to shine!


David said...

Awwww... ya big softie!

Anonymous said...
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