Friday, March 4, 2011

Ike & Val Woods - Live @ Upstairs @ the Van Dyke!!

If you're a fan of blues, funk, soul, and gospel music and love to see a kickass musical performance then boy have I got somethin' for you.  My favorite band in Miami - Ike & Val Woods - will be playing this Saturday night Upstairs @ the Van Dyke on Lincoln Road.  Show starts at 9pm and the place fills up quick so get there and grab a table or shore up at the bar and get ready for a great time.  I love seeing live music at this venue because it's small and intimate.  Bar prices are reasonable for South Beach too.  Also, you may want to wear a Teflon face mask because there is a pretty good chance Reverend Ike might melt your face off with one of his face-melting guitar solos.  Ike IS the blues and I am so thankful to have someone like him here in Miami playing music that I love.  Ike & Val and their whole band pour their entire lifeforce into every performance and it's awesome to see.  Their drummer had an epic drum solo a few months ago that was so awesome I bought him a beer when the song was over.  Check it out, you won't be sorry and you'll leave there feelin' real good.

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