Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I thought I'd respond to SFDB's post about how he doesn't like when people say that they enjoy a hurricane.

I've spent hours putting up shutters in the hot Florida sun and they were for someone else, not me.  Not fun.

I've heard the roar of the winds, watched the trees bend and fall.  Cool stuff.  My car was damaged by a falling tree.  Not cool stuff.

I've been without ice but was smart enough to have water on hand.  I've had to ration food from my fridge and pantry and I've shared with neighbors.

After Wilma, I was without hot water for 3 months (might've been close to 4) and took ice cold showers daily.  Not fun.

I've not seen firsthand the devastating effects of a Category 4 or 5 hurricane and I feel horrible for those who experience loss in such storms much like I do when other parts of the country have tornadoes or earthquakes that are violently destructive.

Having said all that, as I said the other day to Rick of SFDB on Twitter, I enjoy a hurricane.  I guess I'm talking about a Cat 1 or 2 when I say that, as I certainly wouldn't want to experience a Cat 4 or 5.  The smaller ones usually leave little damage and flooding.

But I do enjoy a hurricane.  I enjoy the feeling of fear of the unknown, the power of the weather as it hits, the knowledge that Man cannot control EVERYTHING.  That we are powerless.  That we sit and hope for the best while preparing for the worst.  And if the worst happens, we band together and deal with it and move forward.

I guess you could say it makes me feel...


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