Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mike Vick case has nothing to do with racism

There is a new article on that tries to help others understand why many blacks in the Atlanta area view the Mike Vick thing as a case of racism. I dont mean to sound insensitive to the African-American community, but I think its absurd that would publish such an article. I understand why they did though. Mike Vick is a football icon. He generates interest in sports and is all about sports. They just want the benefit of Mike Vick the football star and could probably care less about Mike Vick the inhumane law breaker who feebly tries to smuggle weed thru airport security and runs a dogfighting ring.

Granted we dont have all the hard facts but I, for one, hope he goes to jail. I do not think this is a case of racism in the least bit and that kind of crying out seems like a major smoke screen to me, a la OJ Simpson. Even Vick's BLACK buddies are going to rat him out. The guy is a total scumbag in my book. He was given the talent to make a difference for himself, his family, his fellow African-Americans, and the Atlanta Falcons and he has done nothing but blow it every year. Time for the law to start applying to these celebrities and sports athletes. Lock em all up.


alesh said...

Would a link to the article be too much to ask?

Blind Mind said...

sorry, i kinda suck at blogging... editing now

Anonymous said...

your 100% rite