Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gettin political... First Blood, Part Deux

Ok, its RNC time and Palin is about to come on to give her speech. So far, we've seen nothing but talk about her being "attacked" and some Obama bashing by other Reps. I addressed this in my summary of the DNC and I think its a fuckin waste of time and an insult to the intelligence of the average American citizen. I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE FAULTS OF A PARTICULAR CANDIDATE!!! Tell me about your plan to address the serious issues that are plaguing our country for cryin out loud! This petty back and forth about the personal issues associated with each candidate is really old and pathetic.

T. Boone Pickens in tha house! I like this guy's plan for energy independence. The only thing Im skeptical about is that he is all about "drill, drill, drill". He admits that is not the solution though. I love the idea of wind farming and focusing on American-owned energy sources. I also love the idea of using natural gas to replace foreign oil. Pickens is no dummy and I respect a guy who made his millions in the oil business promoting other fuel resources.

Whoa, the panelists (I have no idea who they are) are going nuts. Two guys are battling back and forth about the media and Obama vs the media and McCain. If you ask me, the media blows. Since this is Fox News, most of these guys are saying Palin is gonna give a killer speech. From the looks at the crowd, these people are here to party. Theyre dancing like idiots in the crowd and acting like theyre at a rock concert. Its pretty funny.

(BTW, little side note here. They opened the RNC with a prayer and all that religious/god related stuff. I absolutely condemn this as a part of politics. Its brainwashing if you ask me. It tells people that they arent really Christian if they dont believe what so-and-so candidate believes and its a bunch of bullshit. Church and state are and should remain separate!)

Whats that!?!?! Its Rudy Guiliani's entrance music! God I hate this douchebag. Good news is that he's 3 sentences into his speech and he hasnt uttered "9/11" yet. He has announced that if he couldnt win that he would support McCain and he still does. Thats great Rudy. A couple cheesy smiles and "America!" followed by "USA!" chants make this RNC seem worse than a Giants or Jets game. Wow, Im surprised at this next segment. RG says that both candidates have great job applications and are very patriotic. He does this without bashing Obama. I respect that. He talks about Obama saying that McCain is a hero for his sacrifice. Wow, I never knew McCain was a POW... Break out the violins, folks.

First Obama diss... He was a community organizer in Chicago "machine politics", followed by a bunch of "boooo!"'s and him harping on Obama not being able to make decisions. Valid point, I guess. I cant comment on this guy's speech anymore because I hate this guy so much that Im biased. But, I have to say this. So far, RG hasnt said anything about McCain except that he was a POW. The rest of the speech is all about Obama and his potential shortcomings. Makes no sense to me. I dont want to hear about why I shouldnt vote for someone. Tell me why I should vote for someone else.

Wow, now a "drill baby, drill" chant is going on. I cant believe they can pack so many simple minded individuals into one building and Guiliani is there to cheer them on like the giant douche that he is. DOUBLE WOW! Now RG is saying that Dems are afraid to say "Islamic Terrorist" and he has a problem with that. Who are they offending? The Islamic Terrorists! Wait a minute! There it is! The first 9/11 babble! Now he's on a role, tossing out names like Al Queda and Bin Laden. Go Rudy, go! Fast forward a little bit and now RG is insulting Obama by saying Palin is not "Cosmopolitan enough" because she was a mayor of a small town. Oh, and he's acted like a total ham to the camera about being a mayor too. THis is why I hate this guy. He is an actor and actors cant be trusted. He continues with his hype of Palin saying that she even attacked corruption in the Republican Alaska! Then he uses his first "Maverick" talking point. Now RG points to the Dems asking about if she will have time to attend to her family and be VP. I dont recall this ever coming up, but RG uses this to point out that a MAN would never have this questioned. Nice ploy for the woman vote, RG. Man, I think I need to erase having heard this speech from my brain because it was horrible in my opinion. 95% of that has to do with me hating Rudy Giuliani. The other 5% is because he is an actor and plays to a crowd.

Ok, its Palin time! No one had heard of this woman a month ago but now having her on the ticket is like getting to draft Ladanian Tomlinson in a fantasy football league. I have to say that I see a Tina Fey/SNL skit in the future haha. Ok, she is finally gonna say something besides, "Thank you, thank you so much." The crowd finally shut up.

Palin accepts the challenge of being VP and acknowledges that McCain has fought thru much harder challenges and then shows that she knows his middle initial! She plays the "he never gave up, even when people said he was done for" card and I think she does it well. This woman is a pretty good speaker and I like the passion she exhibits in talking about the candidate she is supporting. Then she casually throws out that she is a mother of a boy who is headed off to Iraq, along with her nephew. Great play there. I have to admire her tact and her family members who are fighting for our freedom. Ok, here is the daughter reference followed by the daughters standing and waving, and then a reference to her husband and baby. She's hammering the "family" point here and talking about "special needs" kids. Its a great tactic but then she goes overboard I think... She says that if they are elected that people with special needs kids will have an advocate in the White House. That is just silly to me and reminds me of being in 6th grade when the kid running for class president would make promises for things like a jukebox in the cafeteria. Now some husband hype, making sure to note that he is associated with the oil rigs, then talking about the 5 kids without getting divorced. Congrats to that, blah. Some pandering to the women voters is up next followed by a cameo for her parents and some of her parents background. Another great tactic by Palin - hyping up the families of "middle America, who grow our food and fight in our wars." This chick is a great speaker and knows how to work a room. I like that. (and for all the people who get offended by me referring to women as "chicks", get over it. Women are chicks and men are dudes in my vocab. Lighten up.) Now some "hockey mom" banter with a joke thrown in. All of this is painting a great picture of her as an "everyday woman, everyday American, just like the rest of us".

Ahhhh... The first Obama bash. "A small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer except you have actual responsibilities." She follows it up by basically calling Obama two-faced and saying McCain is the same man everywhere. I see a tad bit of validity here but all she is doing is pointing out politickin'. Finally, we here the token line that the Fox News douchebags were fawning over in the pregame speech that responds to all the negative media attention - "Im not going to Washington to gain the media's approval, Im going for the American people!"

I like that she points out that she ousted the governor's private jet and chef and gave oil earnings back to the people of her state. Corruption in government is something that really hits home with me after living in Miami and watching this city be raped by government greed day after day. I also like the point about spending $40M on a CNG pipeline to lead the country towards energy independence. This is another big point for me. Oops, now she is harping on laying pipeline and drilling for oil while boosting wind, coal, and solar power. Im not a fan of drilling. We need to tell oil to go fuck itself and move on. Its like that shitty girlfriend that treats you like shit and leaches off you but you put up with it cuz she is a wild banshee in the sack.

Ouch, she just nailed Obama... She pointed to him authoring 2 memoirs but not a single law in the Senate. Then another bash about victory on the campaign front instead of in a war. I didnt get that really and the crowd didnt either. Now she's kinda gone off the deep end with speculation about Obama's plan that doesnt really make sense. Its typical politics though and I find it to be silly. She's harping on taxes now and its more speculation and pandering to people who havent researched the facts, making it sound like we're all screwed which isnt true. The tax question could be debated all day long and Im no true expert on it so I wont pretend I am. However, I have done a little research and dont think Obama's tax policies are the end of the world, at least not for the average American. Maybe for the rich though.

Im gonna end this here after hearing more POW references and "organizer" disses. Its pretty much over. I guess my running diary of the RNC is a little unfair because not only did I not really care when I did the DNC diary but I also only covered the opening acts. Had I done this for Biden's speech it mightve been more fair. I also couldve done some better coverage at the DNC, but again, I covered the C-team.

Overall, I hated Giuliani's speech and I have to tip my cap to Palin. She did a great job fighting for the candidate she supports. I didnt agree with everything she said and I didnt care for some of the personal attacks and/or defenses but I thought she put together a good speech and showed that she can play the politics game pretty well.

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