Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I think Ive found the solution to our country's financial crisis!

After watching The Worst President of All Time give his little speech tonite, we were all treated to the amazing magic of David Blaine. This guy is incredible! From card tricks to catching bullets in his mouth, Blaine leaves people questioning reality with minds that have been completely blown away. One of my favorite things about David Blaine is that he brings people together. It doesnt matter what color, sex, religion, or political affiliation a person has - all are treated as equals by Blaine. He performs tricks for the mere amusement of getting someone to smile. It is his gift that he chooses to share with others and that is very admirable.

After seeing him go to New Orleans during the aftermath of Katrina and turn a handful of 5 $1 bills into 5 $100 bills, I got an idea... DAVID BLAINE CAN SAVE OUR ECONOMY!! All he has to do is make our deficit disappear! I mean, if the guy can live inside a block of ice, hang upside down while swinging thru the air for 3 days, and catch a bullet in his mouth then he must be able to make our financial crisis disappear! Im pushing for Congress to pass the David Blaine Financial Rescue Plan. God Bless you and God Bless America.

PS - Im not quite sure what Blaine's final stunt was all about...? After hanging upside down for 3 days, they placed him upright on a pedestal high above the crowd. He then dropped off and some harness wires caught him and nothing really happened. Then he smiled, waved, and the wires took him high up to the sky. A bunch of flashing lights went off and he was gone. Sure, him disappearing was pretty amazing but I didnt see what that had to do with the "Dive of Death". Anyone else have a clue?

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