Monday, June 22, 2009

Above the Law

Its amazing what being a "celebrity" means in this country. I learn more and more everyday. I have learned that it's OK to drink and drive if you're a celebrity because you wont end up with any jail time, just maybe some community service. Ive learned that it's OK to cheat on your taxes because that money isn't as important and the government will let you off, especially if they've enjoyed one of your action movies. Just last week, I learned that it's not only OK to drink and drive but it's also OK if your drinking and driving results in the death of a random pedestrian because that pedestrian's life isnt worth more than a few months of jail time if you can catch a football. Well, whattaya know? I just learned more today! I learned that it's ok to beat the crap out of a defenseless woman, to bruise and scratch her face, and to almost choke her to death because all you will have to do is pick up trash for a few months to show you're sorry if you've scored a record deal before.

All of these things make me angry, especially the last one. I'm angry because if this were me or anyone I know, we'd be locked up for sure. We would have our drivers licenses lost, our jobs lost, our reputations ruined, and our lives completely altered forever. It's days like this where I thank our justice system for coming down hard on Mike Vick just to prove that they do actually apply the law to some rich celebrity folk.

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