Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prediciting the Hurricanes and more!

Well, with hurricane season officially underway and with Rick at SFDB refusing to bring the ol' SotP Hurricane Pool back to life, Ive decided to take matters into my own hands. Thats right, Im putting this beast on my shoulders and giving all you folks the opportunity to play weatherman/woman, you know, just like they do on TV.

To submit an entry, just comment here with a the date you think we will have our 1st named hurricane AND the name that you think it will be know as (see list below). The winner will be the person who makes their prediction the closest to the 1st date an actual named hurricane makes its debut. In the case of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be the name of the hurricane. If Suzy says September 7 "Ana" and Bob says September 11 "Stan" and we get our first named hurricane on September 9 named "Ana", Suzy wins. In the event that the name isnt guessed correctly by 2 people who have tied, the winner will be decided by who's date is closer without going past. For example, if Suzy says September 7 "Ana" and Bob says September 11 "Stan" and the 1st hurricane is named on the 9th as "Joaquin", Bob wins.

This contest will be all in good fun. Winner will bear the title of Most Awesomest Hurricane Predicter That All Must Bow Down To And Praise. I'll even post it on my sidebar, how about that? BUT WAIT! Correctly guessing the date and the name of our first hurricane is pretty freakin amazing so if that happens, I'll cough up a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice AND you still get the title of Most Awesomest Hurricane Predicter That All Must Bow Down To And Praise. Sound better? I thought so.

Entries must be received by June 15th to qualify. After that, yer beat.

Here is this list of possible hurricane names for 2009:

Also, did you know that there are 6 lists of names that are rotated in/out each year? There is also a hurricane Hall of Fame where names of the most devastating hurricanes are retired and not used again because doing so could be considered insensitive. Guess we'll never see another Katrina...

Oh, and if youre wondering what the "and more!" in the title of this post meant...

This was my 100th post!


Paula said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Erika on July 14 just 'cause.

Rick said...

Won't the first named hurricane always be known as Ana this year?

Am I missing something?


Rick said...

Oh, forget it. Brain fart. Tropical storms don't always turn into hurricanes.



Rick said...

Okay. So I'm picking July 15th and I'm betting the name is "Bill."

nonee moose said...

BM, did you come up with these rules all by yourself? I'm going to need a Carthesian plane to figure out who won...

July 21, Erika.

Blind Mind said...

Yes nonee, these rules were all my doing. I just wanted to incorporate the name to make things more interesting.

And for the record, Im in for August 3rd and Henri.

Abel said...

July 10th, and I'm with Danny.

David Lisznia said...

Huh...somehow I missed this post. Congrats on 100! Woo-woo!

I pick September 23 and Sam!