Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im a crappy blogger...

I really try to maintain a blog, I really do. I read a lot of different blogs and I really applaud everyone for their efforts in coming up with material for others to digest on a daily or weekly basis. Actually, I find that a lot of the time I dont make my own posts because Ive already contributed a lengthy post of my own in the comment section on another blog haha. I also applaud those who have an actual theme and stick to it because clearly I am incapable of doing the same. After reading a recent post by Rick over at SFDB about why people like blogging, I came to terms with the fact that Im not a blogger but more of a journal-er or maybe a combo of the two. A journablogger.

My blog really has no rhyme or reason to it, it just merely exists. Even the name of this blog makes no sense. I just had it as my username (which came about from a line in a Blind Melon song and my occasional lack of a "brain editing room") so thats what I thought to name it because in the beginning I had no idea really what blogging was or what I was gonna do. I guess I just wanted an outlet for creativity. This is a place where I can bitch about stuff that annoys me, where I can clear my head when it is overflowing with thought, where I can post about things that I find to be pretty cool with the hopes that others enjoy as well, where I can write about a recent meal with the hopes that it helps a business owner capture more customers.

That pretty much defines the person I am, with that definition being that I have no definition. I am not a straight line. I absorb an inordinate amount of useless knowledge. Well, I wouldnt call it "useless" but rather obscure. Much like Seinfeld, my life is a show about nothing. Yet all of these little bits of info that I learn, I enjoy. They amuse me and because of that I like to share them with others with the hopes that they benefit in some way, be it a laugh, a good meal, or a fast track thru the security line at an airport. My friends all know that Im quite a clown and love to make people laugh, mostly at my own expense. Im always looking for a way to help people too. Its just how I am. Unfortunately, while I may have a lot of initial inspiration for a blog post, it fades rather quickly and I dont end up putting forth the final effort to post it. Im trying though.

I guess the point of this post is much like the point of this blog and that is that there is none. Or maybe its that Im not a real blogger? I really dont know. What I do know is that I enjoy writing and I enjoy reading others' blogs and Im thankful for the people who take the time to not only post but to also read my babbling.

Blog on witcha bad selfs!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Above the Law

Its amazing what being a "celebrity" means in this country. I learn more and more everyday. I have learned that it's OK to drink and drive if you're a celebrity because you wont end up with any jail time, just maybe some community service. Ive learned that it's OK to cheat on your taxes because that money isn't as important and the government will let you off, especially if they've enjoyed one of your action movies. Just last week, I learned that it's not only OK to drink and drive but it's also OK if your drinking and driving results in the death of a random pedestrian because that pedestrian's life isnt worth more than a few months of jail time if you can catch a football. Well, whattaya know? I just learned more today! I learned that it's ok to beat the crap out of a defenseless woman, to bruise and scratch her face, and to almost choke her to death because all you will have to do is pick up trash for a few months to show you're sorry if you've scored a record deal before.

All of these things make me angry, especially the last one. I'm angry because if this were me or anyone I know, we'd be locked up for sure. We would have our drivers licenses lost, our jobs lost, our reputations ruined, and our lives completely altered forever. It's days like this where I thank our justice system for coming down hard on Mike Vick just to prove that they do actually apply the law to some rich celebrity folk.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Free Pussy!

No, this is not a solicitation for free sex. 5 Kittens are available for adoption.

My friend texted me this morning to ask me to post that her boyfriend, who works at Pet Supermarket, arrived at work to open up his store and found a bucket with 5 kittens inside waiting for him. I dont have any images of these little felines yet, but if you would like a free kitty, please email me at and I will give you a number to call. As soon as I get some pics I will post them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prediciting the Hurricanes and more!

Well, with hurricane season officially underway and with Rick at SFDB refusing to bring the ol' SotP Hurricane Pool back to life, Ive decided to take matters into my own hands. Thats right, Im putting this beast on my shoulders and giving all you folks the opportunity to play weatherman/woman, you know, just like they do on TV.

To submit an entry, just comment here with a the date you think we will have our 1st named hurricane AND the name that you think it will be know as (see list below). The winner will be the person who makes their prediction the closest to the 1st date an actual named hurricane makes its debut. In the case of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be the name of the hurricane. If Suzy says September 7 "Ana" and Bob says September 11 "Stan" and we get our first named hurricane on September 9 named "Ana", Suzy wins. In the event that the name isnt guessed correctly by 2 people who have tied, the winner will be decided by who's date is closer without going past. For example, if Suzy says September 7 "Ana" and Bob says September 11 "Stan" and the 1st hurricane is named on the 9th as "Joaquin", Bob wins.

This contest will be all in good fun. Winner will bear the title of Most Awesomest Hurricane Predicter That All Must Bow Down To And Praise. I'll even post it on my sidebar, how about that? BUT WAIT! Correctly guessing the date and the name of our first hurricane is pretty freakin amazing so if that happens, I'll cough up a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice AND you still get the title of Most Awesomest Hurricane Predicter That All Must Bow Down To And Praise. Sound better? I thought so.

Entries must be received by June 15th to qualify. After that, yer beat.

Here is this list of possible hurricane names for 2009:

Also, did you know that there are 6 lists of names that are rotated in/out each year? There is also a hurricane Hall of Fame where names of the most devastating hurricanes are retired and not used again because doing so could be considered insensitive. Guess we'll never see another Katrina...

Oh, and if youre wondering what the "and more!" in the title of this post meant...

This was my 100th post!