Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ive been making a solid effort to exercise and be more healthy. Now, if you saw me, you would probably be like most people and say, "You dont need to worry about that man..." But, I do. After 29 years of drinking beers like no tomorrow, my metabolism is finally beginning to let me down and Ive formed a little beer belly that Id like to eliminate. Lack of cardio is most likely the main reason for excess fat in my case. Its a personal thing and I like to look good. This is probably the "vanity rules" mentality of Miami rubbing off on me, but its not a bad thing in this case. So, I set out about 2 weeks ago to start running for the first time in probably about 2 years. One of the owners of my company has been training for a 1/2 marathon and said I should make sure to take my time to get the most out of it, so I followed this advice. When I originally set out, I planned on just doing a mile, but the next thing I knew I was doing a little over 1.5 miles! I was pretty pumped about that. I ran in H.S. and always used to get shin splints that would hurt like a bastard for a few days. This time, they started to hurt around 1/2 mile but I tried to power thru it and then by the time I stopped, my shins were just about numb. My breathing was money though. Thanks to 12 yrs of smoking cigarettes, I usually get winded at about 3/4 of a mile. I havent had one in 5yrs though and I think that Im finally starting to reap the benefits of that.

The next few times I went out, I ran 1mi (because I wanted to be quick so I could get to the Heat game in the 1st quarter) and then the next 2 times I ran just under 2mi. Well, last night I really surprised myself... I went out intent upon running 2 solid miles. My shins started to ache around 1/2 mile but I put a little more weight on my heels and was able to power thru it. My breathing was money and as I approached mile #2 I said to myself, "OK, Im not too tired and my breathing is good - just keep going until the end of the block..." Next thing I knew I had completed 3 miles - a personal all-time high! I probably couldve kept going another mile breathing-wise, but my calves were starting to get really sore, so I quit while I was ahead.

Im pretty damn proud of myself and am fired up to see how far I can push it next time.


ANON1 said...

Good luck with everything. Getting in and staying in shape is not easy.

Rachelle said...

Nice work! I personally hate cardio with a passion, but it's a necessary evil. Gotta do it.