Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inequality - get over it

Im watching ESPN and theyre talking about the lack of black coaches in college football Im sick of this shit already. Do we ever hear complaints about the lack of white players in basketball? No. Why? Because there arent as many white players that are better than the black players that dominate the game. Im a long time hoops fan and I still get a laugh when there are more than 2 white dudes on the court at the same time. Im not bitter about it though. Perhaps there arent many black coaches because they just arent any good? Maybe they are at a slight disadvantage, not because of color, but because they havent established the right relationships? Bottom line is that Im tired of the goddamn race card coming up as a cop out. Prove your better and EARN the fuckin job.

You know, I cant help what happened hundreds of years ago with the slaves. Im not Doc or Marty McFly and I cant go back in time in the Delorian to change history. Im tired of hearing about it. Granted there are a lot of people who still look at other races as "inferior", but those people are jealous and scared to admit that they are the inferior ones. On the flip side, the ones who usually play the race card are usually the lazy ones looking for a handout. Get over it.

At least ESPN made up for it by airing the Tony LaRussa DUI tape from his arrest in Jupiter, FL. It was awesome! He was stumbling all over the place and after his rendition of the alphabet I expected the cop to pull a David Spade and say, "Excuse me, did I catch a "niner" in there?"


my 2 cents said...

Hey - I have a good idea

Blind Mind said...

Hey, Im not asking you to agree with me. Ill give you points for creativity though.