Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My latest adventure - 1 part awesome, 2 parts hilarious

So, Ive been in San Jose since late Friday night. Flew on the AA direct to SF, ate diner at Limon in the Mission district, then headed to SJ to work a trade show for the weekend. The night started at the hotel where my coworker and I enjoyed a killer filet at Michael Mina's Arcadia. After dinner, my coworker went to crash and I joined another industry buddy of mine for cocktails at the bar with a group of about 6 girls. I had met one of them before at this show last year and she quickly became one of my favorites - smokin hot and not afraid to get me and a few others hammered buying shots on some poor bastards bar tab haha. Also at the table were 2 other girls who grew up with my buddy. I found out they were in college and for some reason never put 2 and 2 together that this meant they were underage until I bought a round and thought about it. So, I was happy that everyone was tired of one of them and my buddy sent them on a bus back to SF before they could sip the drinks. He and I then downed their martinis like they were shots. It was only 10pm afterall, so this was obviously an awesome idea considering Id only had 4 Woodford/rocks at this point and didnt have to wake up until 7am. Yeah, my decision making skills are solid.

Every one of these shows I do has a party and, seeing that the industry I work in 95% female and 4.9% gay dudes, these parties are usually fun for a single guy like me. So, naturally me, my buddy, and the hot chick (who had been showcasing her $20K new boobs and being very kissy face) headed on over. THis is where the night gets blurry and then totally fades to black. I remember getting there, I remember meeting a chick that I was talking to at the bar earlier who had a cute face but under normal circumstances was not one Id even consider flirting with, and thats about all I remember. No idea how I got home and no idea why I awoke to find said female in my bed. Thankfully, I was clothed. I think, in my drunken state, that I might have been sympathetic to the fact that she was sharing a room with 4 others and let her crash with me. Other than that, I have no fuckin idea. Maybe my penis totally took over and was like, "Dude, youre hammered and fully incapable of talking with any "new" girls. Take the not-so-attractive one and lets party!" I dunno, but it was pretty fuckin funny nonetheless, especially when she and her friends came by my booth and talked some shit today haha. The hangover that kicked in around 1pm - not so funny.

Another thing about these trade shows is that Im in a booth selling to women all day. I flirt with them all day, mostly because I flirt with women all the time. Its fun. Now, given that these women love to make fashion statements, Im treated to at least 1000 pairs of breasts daily. Some are awesome, some make you wonder if mirrors exist. So, even after leaving the show, Im stuck in "flirting with cute women" mode. This happens in the line at airport security when Im headed to Portland, OR today with 2 women who I knew worked in the industry just by looking at them and who also happened to flirt my way saying that they were "stalking" me. (side note here - I fucking love women, man. I love everything about them, especially the fact that they are all different and always changing. I'll never figure them out so I'll never get bored and this is probably why me and serious relationships kinda clash) So, still feeling flirty, I begin to board the plane and notice a cute chick sitting in the last row of 1st class. She sees me, looks away, looks back, and I give her a wink and a smile. I get to my seat, still feeling hungover, and sit down. A girl from the previous night (one of the 6 girls at the bar table) happened to be on the flight and sitting right in front of me. She says, "Hey did you see Bush's daughter sitting in 1st class?" Yup, you got it - I just winked at the President's daughter. AWESOME.

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Steve Owen said...

"Im treated to at least 1000 pairs of breasts daily." Very good career choice.