Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Please talk quietly on your cell phone!

Im sitting in the Delta Crown Room in Salt Lake City right now and there is a "loud talker" on her cell phone gabbing away loudly and annoying about everyone in a 15ft radius. Even the semi-hot woman in the massage chair is making gun-in-mouth motions! (Side note: semi-hot woman was also coerced by fat business guy to take off her shoes and put her bare feet in the feet holsters on the chair. Yeah, thats hygenic...) This is amazing because this lounge is packed and I dont hear anyone else's conversations at all. Here is what Ive been unfortunate enough to learn from the loud talker:

- She bought a dress that is "to die for"
- Her friend wants said dress
- She travels a lot and has built up 100K miles since December
- She is going to Washington and Philly with her friend
- She thinks her friend should be in her daughter's wedding because the friend also likes suede skirts (not sure how these two relate here unless her daughter is planning one ugly bridal party dress)
- Her emails to said friend arent going thru
- "Everyone has an opinion on Pee Wee the I.T. guy"
- She has to have some play time on her work trips
- Her emails still arent getting thru
- Her friend doesnt have a personal email account
- She has 3 email accounts including one for work

(another quick side: fat business guy is enjoying semi-hot woman in the massage chair waaaay too much. semi-hot woman is probably not going to enjoy this massage much longer...)

- Loud talker is "a slave to fashion"
- She has put on a few pounds lately
- She hates working out
- She doesnt care about it since she is on her 3rd martini (followed by insanely loud laughter that causes a lot of people to look at her with confused looks)
- She has to leave for her flight soon (THANK GOD!)

Finally, the conversation has ended! I can only pray that she has to leave for her flight before making another call or that her cell battery is dead. The latter is unlikely since this lounge is pretty freakin awesome and has outlets everywhere. At least I will have had enough bourbon by the time my flight leaves to ensure I am asleep for the 4.5 hour flight...


Rick said...

What I like are the Bluetooth people who talk loud and look like they're nuts. No one seems to realize that EVERYONE can hear their business and if they do, they apparently could give a crap less.

Blind Mind said...

Yes, I was just talking about that with my coworker this past weekend when we saw this lady who looked like she was talking to herself at the airport.

Another thing that I wish manufacturers of cell phones and bluetooth devices would say on their products is "Warning: Just because this is a smaller device doesnt mean you have to yell to get people to hear you on the other end."

da lizza said...

fyi... shot this picture during art basel at the signorama event in the design district. funnies shit ever. thought you guys would enjoy.

Blind Mind said...

Hey, your picture is currently unavailable! Hahahaha

Lindsey said...

Hey about I was at the gym the other day and I needed to go on this one machine while in the middle of my routine. Well this idiot girl sat on the machine I wanted while she chatted on her phone about how wasted she was last night. She sat there and chatted and didn't even use the damn machine for about 12 minutes. I wanted to sit there an stare at her with bitchy looks but I didn't let her ruin my day...i'm turning over a new leaf haha

sara said...

I have totally been in that situation a bajillion times. Makes me hate technology.

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